Discover Green Tea/EGCG

what is EGCGGreen tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant, which contains a unique group of compounds called catechins or green tea polyphenols. EGCG is the predominant polyphenol in green tea. Green tea is known to be a functional beverage with multiple benefits to us. However, after thousands of studies over the past century, scientists and clinicians have discovered many mechanisms of how green tea polyphenol/EGCG works, such as its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-microbial effects. Green tea/EGCG can simply be described as the “fountain of health.”

For many diseases and conditions, such as cold sores, dandruff, or dry mouth, simply drinking green tea or consuming green tea/EGCG supplements has been proven not effective. This is because our bodies are not designed to take green tea/EGCG to where it is needed. In science, this is known as “poor bioavailability.” For example, green tea/EGCG is not able to move into our skin cells. Therefore, no matter how much green tea/EGCG we apply on the skin, the beneficial activities never impact a skin cell. To best obtain the benefits from green tea/EGCG, we must rely on modern technology to effectively bring the beneficial activities of green tea/EGCG to target tissues or organs.

Fortunately, scientists and clinicians have developed such technology – the green tea technology, which is associated with special formulations of the polyphenol, or EGCG, that specifically target the tissues and organs to either restore salivary function in the salivary glands or kill the viruses infecting the lips (as in cold sores).

The MighTeaFlow formula for dry mouth is based on patented technologies (US 8920854, US 8287923) that combine green tea polyphenols and other plant-derived compounds, including xylitol, to deliver a synergistic effect to the salivary glands. Since dry mouth is mainly caused by free radicals that damage the function of gland cells and increase inflammation, the anti-oxidant effect of green tea clears the free radicals and the anti-inflammatory effect inhibits inflammation. The end result is salivary gland cells become healthier and produce more saliva. In a double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized clinical trial, the MighTeaFlow formula led to a 400% increase on average in unstimulated (at rest or sleep) saliva flow in dry mouth patients (De Rossi et al, 2014.) Additionally, the MighTeaFlow formula improves salivary function and increases salivary pH from acidic to neutral. A neutral pH mirrors that of one’s saliva and is safe for tooth enamel, whereas an acidic pH is harmful for enamel and overall health. This is why the MighTeaFlow products, which include chewing gum, lozenges, oral rinse and spray, are the most effective, natural approach to manage dry mouth.

The AverTeaX formula for treating cold sores is based on another patented technology using a special form of EGCG (US 8076484 & 9446017). This special form of EGCG can actually enter into skin cells and kill the herpes virus. A double-blind, vehicle controlled, randomized clinical trial demonstrated that the AverTeaX formula stops the blister in one day and shortens the cold sore duration by half (Zhao et al, 2015). This data indicates that the AverTeaX formula is the most effective way to treat cold sores due to the anti-viral activity of EGCG. Unlike other products and antiviral drugs, AverTeaX does not contain toxic ingredients and is effective without the risk of inducing viral mutation, rendering it safe for one’s DNA.

The ProtecTeaV formula utilized in the sanitizer and lotion products exhibits this anti-viral activity from EGCG. Worldwide research on active EGCG has shown this powerful natural compound has the ability to kill many viruses, including influenza, norovirus, herpes simplex, hepatitis B & C, and many more. Traditional sanitizers rely on alcohol alone to work, but alcohol evaporates in about 15 seconds, leaving no protection. Most of these traditional sanitizers state “kills 99.99% of germs”. However, this 99.99% only applies to bacteria and fungus and has nothing to do with killing viruses. Traditional sanitizers, also, do not meet the International standards which require a 10,000 fold reduction from the polio virus infection test. The polio virus is the most difficult to inactivate. Published test results demonstrate only one hand sanitizer meets this standard – ProtecTeaV, with Active EGCG.

The green tea technology does not stop there. Using a group of unique green tea polyphenols, the ReviTeaLize hair products deliver the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects to hair follicle cells, making them healthier and inhibiting inflammation. These ReviTeaLize shampoos are an effective and natural way to control dandruff and make the hair healthier without harmful chemicals, such as coal tar.

In summary, recently invented green tea technology enables us to obtain beneficial effects of green tea/EGCG in our daily lives to effectively treat and prevent diseases and conditions in a natural way, therefore improving the quality of life for all.