Cold sore/Fever Blisters

  • Cold sores are caused by a common virus, Herpes Simplex Virus, and exposure to the virus usually occurs when you are an infant or child. It spreads by direct contact such as kissing someone with a cold sore, or indirect contact like sharing a drinking glass, lip balm, shaver or razor, etc. It may also be transmitted in less obvious ways such as rubbing one’s eyes after getting infected saliva on your hands or having oral sex with an infected partner. Although it is possible to contract cold sores from someone who has the condition that is currently inactive, it is more likely to catch the virus from someone who has an active breakout.
  • Once you have the virus in your system, there are things that can make an episode more likely to occur – having a compromised immune system, a cold or other illness, too much stress, a fever, too much sun exposure, food allergies, a recent surgery, a dental procedure, or for females – having a period, being pregnant, and other hormonal changes.
  • Symptoms in order of stages can include tingling, itchiness located on the lips or at the edge of the mouth, followed by a blistering in these areas. Less common areas include in or around the nasal cavity. The blisters often break open and weep a clear fluid, generally exposing a painful ulcer, then crust over into a scab. The scab shrinks, sometimes cracks, and may even bleed. This area may be experience itching and burning. The scab, over time, falls off and the affected area eventually clears.
  • Additional early stage symptoms may include a sore mouth, fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and drooling in small children.

The typical time for a cold sore breakout lasts 7 to 14 days. Clinically proven AverTeaX shortens that time by 4.5 days on average. Other over-the-counter and prescription treatments only shortened the breakout by 1 day or less. This means AverTeaX provides significantly better outcome.

AverTeaX’s patented formula helps to prevent cold sores and may treat your cold sore symptoms. It’s an all natural formula with no harmful side effects – with no antiviral additive drugs.

  • AverTeaX formula does not contain anti-viral drugs to treat cold sores/fever blister (herpes virus infection). -Cold sore treatments that contain anti-viral drugs causing numerous side effects like inducing mutations in the virus. These viral mutations could lead to drug resistant and pose a grave potential threat to humans.
  • Unlike other products and antiviral drugs, AverTeaX does not contain toxic ingredients and is effective without the risk of inducing viral mutation.
  • AverTeaX is FREE of Parabens, Benzalkonium Chloride, and Benzocaine.
  • Many other cold sore treatments contain these harmful chemicals- Parabens, Benzalkonium Chloride, and Benzocaine, which can be dangerous for humans, animals and the environment. Benzalkonium chloride is a human skin and severe eye irritant. It is a suspected respiratory toxicant, immunotoxicant, gastrointestinal toxicant and neurotoxican. Parabens have been linked to cancer.
  • Over application of Benzocaine can cause serious, life-threatening adverse effects (e.g., seizures, coma, irregular heartbeat, respiratory depression). Benzocaine can also increase the risk of pulmonary aspiration by relaxing the gag-reflex and allowing regurgitated stomach contents or oral secretions to enter the airway.
  • Once you are exposed to the virus, there is no getting rid of it. There are measures, however, one can take to minimize the chance of an breakout reoccurring. They include minimizing sun exposure, reducing stress levels, staying healthy and improving your immune system. Avoid physical contact with anyone experiencing an breakout, as the virus is highly contagious. Also avoid sharing personal belongings. It is also recommended to get a new toothbrush to avoid possible recontamination.
  • What products exist to help prevent cold sore breakout? The AverTeaX brand offers a preventative lip balm
  • The AverTeaX Daily Lip Protector has many beneficial properties such as the effective EGCG green tea component also utilized in the AverTeaX Ointment for Cold Sores/Fever Blisters, green tea antioxidants, and a sun protection SPF 30 rating. Not only does it serve as a preventative for cold sores, but moisturizes your lips with effective emollients.
  • The preventative approach not only saves one from the pain and everything else that comes with an breakout, but also lowers the potential risk of infecting those around you.
  • AverTeaX provides significant savings to customers when considering the exorbitant costs for Penciclovir and Acyclovir. The costs have become so enormous, there are reports of medical insurance companies no longer covering these prescriptions. Availability of some pharmaceuticals has become an issue. Our over the counter AverTeaX Ointment is readily available on our website, specialty drug stores, and
  • AverTeaX Ointments’ generous 7.4 mL tube offers more than TRIPLE the amount of ointment as compared to Abreva.
  • Ounce for ounce AverTeaX is the most cost-effective cold sore relief available today.