Don’t Suffer with Cold Sore Outbreaks!!

There are so many reasons why so many people suffer from cold sore outbreaks. It could be because it is flu season, it’s tax season or it could be because of all the daily stressors that overwhelm us in life. What can you do to prevent them or at least shorten your outbreak time?

You can prevent cold sores by following a healthy diet and avoiding triggers like lack of sleep, stress, staying in the sun for extended amounts of time. You can also impede the cold sores emergence by using our AverTeaX Daily Lip Protector. It’s natural… based on our patented Green Tea Technology. The daily lip protector is great because you can reapply it whenever you want. Since it is natural, there aren’t any side effects. It wins the battle against dry and chapped lips while keeping your lips very soft. Use it every day.

The very first sign when you feel that tingly, itchy, burning thats telling you a cold sore is on its way, apply the AverTeaX Ointment. You can apply it as many times as you like because it too is natural. Your cold sore may not even arrive. If it does, its visit on your lips may not last as long.

The great thing about our products is that they really work and benefit so many people. This is because of the research done by Dr. Stephen HSU, a Professor at Georgia Regents University (formerly known as Georgia Health Sciences University). Our product is patented and proven to work. Once you try it, you won’t ever use those other brands again. All of our products contain the powerful green tea antioxidant which promotes healing. That is what our company is all about…helping people naturally.