ProtecTeaV FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our ProtecTeaV product line.

Research data showed this powerful natural compound-EGCG can kill many viruses, including the FLU virus. ProtecTeaV sanitizer utilizes the patented active EGCG green tea technology in their formula. No other sanitizers contain this active EGCG compound.

Yes. Common alcohol-based sanitizers rely on alcohol alone to work, but alcohol evaporates in about 15 seconds. Active EGCG Sanitizer has proven to remain active more than 4 hours on a surface after a single use. The active EGCG kills viruses on contact. This barrier of prevention is the key.

Yes, EGCG is a natural compound from the green tea polyphenols. It is not a synthetic chemical.

Studies in a number of research journals show active EGCG protects human cells from infection of the flu virus, herpes simplex virus (cold sore, genital herpes), norovirus (stomach virus), hepatitis A, B and C viruses, human papilloma virus, HIV, even Ebola, according to recently published antiviral research by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

The 99.99% only applies to killing bacteria/fungus and has nothing to do with virus. Once the alcohol evaporates, there is no more killing of bacteria or fungus and there is no barrier of protection. ProtecTeaV is an advanced formulation that provides a barrier of more than 4 hours.

No. Many deadly viruses are resistant to alcohol. For viruses, the mechanism is not well-understood. But alcohol evaporates after 15 seconds, allowing for rapid recontamination. Also, alcohol-based sanitizers are mostly ineffective against norovirus, which causes stomach and intestinal issues. Alcohol also irritates the skin.

International standards for sanitizers to kill viruses must show a 10,000 fold reduction from the polio virus infection test. Because the polio virus is the hardest of all viruses to inactivate. ProtecTeaV meets these requirements.

Traditional sanitizers don’t meet these international standards. That means they cannot kill most viruses. Published test results demonstrate only one hand sanitizer meets the international standards – ProtecTeaV, which contains active EGCG.

Active EGCG is a polyphenol found in green tea that has powerful benefits for the skin. It reduces inflammation, fights free radicals and protects against breakouts by controlling sebum in the skin. Some studies show, it even helps to protect sun damage, which may lead to skin cancer. The ProtecTeaV sanitizer and lotion products utilize the latest patented green tea technology and include many nourishing ingredients like aloe Vera, vitamin E, and other botanical extracts to moisturize, rejuvenate, and protect skin from harmful environmental factors.

Everyone who comes in contact with germs and viruses should use ProtecTeaV! Everyone, in every field of business and everyday life should use it frequently.

No, ProtecTeaV does not contain any fragrances or perfumes.

No – it is designed for all skin areas – hands, face, and body.

Yes – it is safe for all ages.

Alcohol evaporates after 15 seconds, allowing for rapid recontamination and offers no barrier of protection.

Active EGCG Sanitizer has proven to remain active more than 4 hours on a surface after a single use. The active EGCG kills viruses on contact.