Oh No! A Cold Sore is Coming!!

You know the feeling: itchy, burning, tingly and the hardness under your lip. It’s only a matter of time before it erupts. It’s the most painful sore on your lips and you are going to have it for a while. You can’t stay home until it clears up because you have school, a job, and things to do. Life goes on. However, you are going to feel self-conscious and embarrassed until it goes away.

Are you looking for a better cold sore treatment that is natural and effective? There is a product called AverTeaX Topical Ointment. Unlike those antiviral drugs that are associated with side effects and risk of causing drug resistance, It contains the powerful green tea antioxidant and other natural ingredients. This product is especially great because you can reapply it to the affected area as many times as you feel needed.

Another product to help in keeping your cold sores at bay is the AverTeaX Daily Lip Protector. Put this on your lips daily just like a regular moisturizer to protect your lips.

Both of these natural AverTeaX products were developed by Dr. Stephen Hsu, a Professor at Georgia Regents University ( formerly known as Georgia Health Sciences University). He is a world renowned expert in the healing benefits of green tea-derived natural compounds.
So, put on some AverTeaX and go face the world with a smile!