Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections

Research studies behind Camellix’s product development

Camellix’s product development has been supported by world-class research in three major areas which has led to novel and innovative discoveries.

II. Prevention and treatment of viral infections

Pathogenic viruses are responsible for millions of deaths each year.

  1. The research team first discovered that lipophilic EGCG effectively inactivates herpes simplex virus type 1, a virus causing herpes labialis.
  2. Based on the in vitro data, a Phase II clinical trial on herpes labialis and herpes stomatitis was completed. The results demonstrated that the AverTeaX formula reduced the episode by 4.5 days and limited blister and ulceration stages from 3 days to 1 day, without side effects.
  3. Data from additional research showed that Polio virus 1, the most difficult virus to eradicate, can be inactivated effectively (infectivity reduced by 1 million fold) by the ProtecTeaV formula. This discovery allowed the development of the world’s first virucidal/germicidal hand sanitizer; ProtecTeaV.
  4. Recent studies demonstrated that the ProtecTeaV formula effectively inactivates a norovirus surrogate, which is a standard for claims of products that kill norovirus. The team is continuing their effort to develop additional products to prevent and treat different types of viral infections.