REVITEALIZE® Hair Conditioner

Naturally conditions hair with green tea and botanical extracts.

Rejuvenates hair follicles with a tingly, refreshing blend of rosemary and mint.


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Naturally conditions hair and rejuvenates hair follicles with a tingly, invigorating blend of rosemary and mint. Leaves hair smooth and silky and scalp feeling refreshed. Green tea antioxidants improve hair follicle health. Formulation developed from ground-breaking, patented green tea technologies. Natural ingredients include jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and green tea.

ReviTeaLize products were developed by university healthcare professionals. Recommended by Dermatologists. U.S. Patent 008076484B2. Made in the USA.


Naturally conditions all hair types to a silky and smooth finish

  • Sulfate-free, non-toxic
  • Pair with both of the ReviTeaLize® Shampoos
  • Contains the antioxidant benefits of green tea and botanical extracts
  • Natural rosemary mint oil stimulates scalp, lovely gentle fragrance
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Made for all hair types
  • Safety grip design and fingernail friendly cap

How to

For best effects, use ReviTeaLize shampoo, rinse well. Massage conditioner onto scalp and hair, wait for at least 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly.


Deionized Water, BTMS, Glycerin, TrichogenTM, Jojoba Oil, Emu Oil, Jaborandi Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract Stearate, Peppermint Oil and Germall Plus.


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This conditioner along with the shampoo worked really well and I noticed a difference and my hair seemed thicker. I am 49 and my hair is thinner from dying it for so long, but this helped. I have tried a lot of expensive shampoos and conditioners and this worked the best. It is expensive, but worth it if you want to see a difference.

I love the fresh green tea rosemary mint smell and the tingly cool feeling on my scalp!!! This lightweight conditioner keeps my hair soft and silky, but not weight my hair down.


My whole family uses the ReviTeaLize shampoos and conditioner for years and loves it! Keep our hair thicker and healthier. Definitely we will buy more!



Shampoo routinely, keep hair follicles at
optimum health to combat excess hair loss.
Massage and leave shampoo on scalp
for a minimum of 2 minutes.

After washing with either shampoo
apply conditioner throughout
hair and scalp.
Massage and rinse.

Shampoo daily to combat major causes of dandruff,
control itching and flaking.
Massage and leave shampoo on scalp
for a minimum of 2 minutes.