The Green Tea Technology

Research studies behind Camellix’s product development

Camellix’s product development has been supported by world-class research in three major areas which has led to novel and innovative discoveries.

III. The Green Tea Technology

Camellix has developed several highly effective products based on the patented green tea technology. These products have no side effects, no risk to humans, and no environmental pollution.

  1. Using natural extracts from tea leaves and other plants, our research effort has led to the discovery of formulations that restore salivary gland function. These formulations have been used in MighTeaFlow products for patients with xerostomia caused by medications, cancer therapies, and disease, particularly Sjogren’s syndrome.
  2. The research team has developed technologies to naturally modify green tea polyphenols for different purposes, such as skin care and hair care products. The technology provides chemical stability, and enables the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of these compounds to be delivered into epithelial cells and to perform beneficial functions.