Thinning Hair Causing You Stress?

Losing your hair is a stressful time for both men and women. It can cause you to have a lower self esteem. Having hair loss can really put a damper on how you feel about yourself. It may cause you to feel hopeless or even depressed about your appearance. A lot of people associate their hair loss with the fact that they are getting older and this is just what happens. That isn’t how it has to be.

There is a way that you can remove that stress, boost your self esteem, feel more positive about your appearance and your hair. That way is with using ReviTeaLize Hair Thickening Shampoo. I’m really proud to be associated with a product that can naturally make your hair appear thicker and fuller. I’ve received so many responses from people that have tried it and feel so much better about themselves. ReviTeaLize does not have any of those harsh sulfates. It’s non toxic and safe for color treated hair. It has protective antioxidants and contains all of the benefits of green tea and botanical extracts. Plus it smells wonderful and fresh. Your hair will appear thicker, fuller and healthier. You will notice that you will retain the hair you have and not have that panic moment of collecting strands in the shower.

Dr. Stephen Hsu, a Professor at Georgia Regents University ( f/k/a GHSU) has spent so many years researching the healing effects of green tea and has developed this shampoo that benefits so many people.

There is an article in the Georgia Health Sciences Newsletter that you will find very informative. It will give you insight into the reasons behind the thinning of hair, the research done by Dr. Hsu and the final product. It is a very good read.