Why Camellix?

Why Camellix? (see below for the answer!)

Several weeks ago, perhaps a bit longer, I wrote a blog entitled, “What is Camellix?” This is a follow-up to that blog. For those who do not remember or who did not read that previous blog, please keep in mind I am not a science person.

Our MighTeaFlow™ Dry-mouth gum launched out to the public on March 1, 2012. The Augusta Chronicle published an article about Dr. Hsu and the launch of MighTeaFlow Dry Mouth Products. The article contained the information that we are looking to provide free samples to the first 500 people who contact us. Well, people read that and they called. The product has been met with great success, greater even than we had hoped. We had anticipated giving 500 free sample of the gum away in the month of March. Instead, we gave away more than 730 free samples in the first week! People have responded very well to the product and orders have started coming in from around the US.

When I tell others how successful things are going the question is usually, “Why has this product, a simple chewing gum, been received so well? Is dry mouth that much of a problem?” It is. I did not realize myself how big a deal this is or was going to be. However, on the morning of March 1, 2012 when the Chronicle article hit the streets, my office phone started ringing off the hook.

As I answered the calls and began to gather information from the various people calling in, I realized I had no idea of the extent of dry mouth. People were calling who have Sjogren’s Syndrome, diabetes, have been treated for cancer, and many other reasons. By noon my heart was breaking at some of the desperation in the voices of people who were calling seeking help. For those of us who do not suffer from dry mouth of any extent, we do not think about it too much. When we get dry, we drink some water, iced tea, lemonade, or, the state drink of Georgia, Coca-Cola. But, for those who suffer dry mouth, the solution is not as simple.

Someone suffering from dry mouth have trouble talking because their tongue sticks to the roof of their mouth. They cannot sleep at night sometimes because they are so dry. One gentleman called in saying he does not sleep more than two hours at a time because he gets dry mouth so bad at night. And forget about being very active or truly enjoying a meal. Dry mouth usually causes damage to the taste buds. Even more serious, if you are not producing saliva, you are open to auto-immune disease. See, although saliva is composed of 98% water that originates from the blood, 2% consists of important components such as antibodies, electrolytes, mucus, growth factors, antibacterials, antifungals, and various enzymes. Within the salivary glands, networks of capillaries surround the salivary ducts. Blood filters through these capillaries where special duct cells take up blood fluid, over 2000 different proteins, and other molecules mixing it with salivary products and forming saliva. Saliva is important in protecting our mouth from microbes and other invaders. It promotes food digestion, helps heal wounds, cleanses food particles from between the teeth, lubricates and protects the teeth, the tongue, and the tender tissues inside the mouth. It normalizes the acidity resultant from bacterial waste products that initiate tooth decay and gum disease, helps remineralize tooth enamel, and plays an important role in lubricating and tasting food.

See! I told you this was important!!

Now, I said before I am not a science guy and I am not. All that information above I got from the really smart guy at Camellix, Dr. Hsu. (Usually when I hear science stuff, I am reminded of the teacher in the old Charlie Brown cartoons. “wha whaa wa wha wa waa”, but, Steve makes things easy to understand). The thing is, you do not have to be a “science guy” or a “science girl” to understand how large a problem dry mouth is and how important it is to have a solution. This is why we feel it is important to have a product like MighTeaFlow™. We want to have a product people could use without being left with a medicine taste in their mouth or having side effects. There are several other dry mouth products available on the market. However, MighTeaFlow Dry-mouth Gum is the first dry mouth product created by a dental school. Who knows more about the workings of the mouth and the importance of saliva then those who do their work in the mouth of people?

So, remember the gentleman who called and said he had not slept more than two hours at a time because he had such bad dry mouth? Several weeks after he received his free sample he called back to order several packs of the gum. When he called, he told me, “Mr. Trump, I chewed the gum for 40 minutes about an hour before going to bed. For the first time in ten years I slept for at least six hours. I just want to say, God bless you for what you are doing.

So, when asked the question, “Why Camellix?” my answer is, “Why not?”